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R.I.P. Wizard (2000-2014), my most beloved pet, protector and best friend for the past 13 years. May your Heaven be filled with tasty chicken and lots of tennis balls. 

#pets #dogs #wizardgram #rip #death #family #friend

R.I.P. Wizard (2000-2014), my most beloved pet, protector and best friend for the past 13 years. May your Heaven be filled with tasty chicken and lots of tennis balls.

#pets #dogs #wizardgram #rip #death #family #friend

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The junk in my trunk.

The vehicle I have been driving for a number of years now is a 1994 Toyota Camry, champagne in color. It was my mother’s car and she passed it on down the line when she got her Matrix (or as I prefer calling it: ‘entered the Matrix’). It has over 200,000 miles on it, but it still drives pretty well, considering. Sure there are a few things that still need some replacing or fixing here and there, but generally it runs well and gets me from A to B, as it were. Despite the fact that I appreciate cars and, enjoy driving and even enjoy getting dirty doing oil changes or the occasional DIY car repair, I am really not a car person. I don’t spend time washing it regularly, getting it detailed or even paying any attention at all to it until something goes wrong apart from keeping an eye on the miles for oil changes, since it can become temperamental otherwise.

All of this said, anyone who knows me knows that I generally don’t have a clean, tidy car, sad as that may be. I tend to have bags of stuff, often boxes and random things shoved in every available space. Most people (including myself) have never actually seen the carpet in my car and getting the spare tire out is quite an ordeal. The last time I opened up that spare tire well with the mechanic, we came across a horrifying discovery: about 1.5-2” of standing water in the trunk which had been causing all the mildew, rust and general “ewwwwww” that we found in there. I was pretty sure there were some new lifeforms growing in that festering pool of ick that had been accumulating for years. Turns out the gasket that keeps rainwater from getting into the trunk had not been doing its job for a very long time.

This discovery finally encouraged me to take that step and clean the whole car out on the inside. I got out a trusty wet/dry vac and went to work. It *only* ended up taking a day and a half to get the job done to my satisfaction and none of what was damaged in the trunk was important to me in the least. As it turned out there were two very large bags full of garbage in the car, no less than four phone books for various NC areas and, as I suspected, an aquatic lifeform that must have originated in the trunk as I have no idea how it got there:

The elusive Lego trunk shark…a rare find indeed. The board that goes over the spare tire and under the carpet for the trunk fell apart when I took it out as it was very damaged with mold and mildew, but I managed to make a replacement by sawing a piece of pegboard to fit. After all of this, I have to say I do appreciate my car a good bit more, there is so much more space (I can actually have passengers now!) and maybe my sister will even let me pick her up from the airport in it, since it isn’t an embarrassment. ;)

Front seat!

Back seat sans dog hair covered comforter and bags in the footwells!

Trunk (difficult to get a good shot of this) only housing important trunk things like tools, emergency dog leash, jumper cables, antifreeze and, naturally, travel Scrabble!

Here’s to hoping I can keep it this way!